3D Foam Pad
    发布时间: 2020-10-09 14:17    

Treeing 3D Foam Pad can help reduce the time and material required for compounding, creating significant operating efficiencies during spot and large panel repairs. It can remove fine grade sand scratches while staying sharper longer, reducing material costs. In specific situations, the abrasive allows operators to reduce or eliminate additional materials, like wool compounding pads. They can also save time, reducing and even eliminating entire grade sequences such as compounding for more efficient operations. Foam backing provides plenty of control and consistent contact with the surface, great for preserving orange peel.

Use P3000 foam pad for removing 1200-1500 grade sand scratches, and select P5000 grit foam pad for removing 3000 grade sand scratches on painted surfaces.


Abrasive Material

Silicon Carbide


Repairing Large Area Paint Defects

Attachment Type


Coat Type

Closed Coat

Grade Range

P1000, P2000, P3000, P5000, P6000

Overall Diameter (Imperial)

3in, 5in, 6in

Product Color

Blue, Gray

Product Type


Sanding Method


Vacuum Support


Wet or Dry

Wet or Dry