Gold Sandpaper
    发布时间: 2015-03-19 10:00    

Treeing Gold Sandpaper mainly made into a disc or sheet by the processing method of back down and back glue, which can meet the polishing requirements of transportation equipment surface spraying, wood furniture, metal surface treatment, electronic 3C and other fields. 

It can improve the overall abrasion resistance and plugging resistance of sandpaper, and bring better surface treatment effect and grinding exprerience to customers. 

The product has a unique and beautiful appearance and high abrasion resistance. 

Available Grit Sizes: 80# - 600#

Mineral: AL2O3

Backing: Paper

Coating: Invisable Coating

1) Strong and flexible imported paper backing,  not easy to damage when sanding. 
2) Long lifetime and removal rate.
3) Excellent performance, suitable for both dry use and water use.

Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Composites, Glass, Paint

Aerospace, AOEM, Composite, Cutting Tool Manufacturing, Marine, Metalworking, Paint Preparation, Transportation & Heavy Equipment