Purple Sandpaper
    发布时间: 2015-03-19 09:46    

Precision-Shaped Grain of Treeing Sandpaper cuts at least 30% faster and last at least 30% longer than other conventional ceramic abrasives. Its clean sanding multi-hole pattern delivers excellent dust extraction. 

Grain: Ceramic

Backing: Paper Fiber Latex Paper, C-wt
Grit Size: From 40# to 600#
Color: Purple

1) Extremely sharp precision-shaped grain provides longer life than conventional ceramic abrasives
2) Sharper cutting surface means less pressure is required
3) Long lasting,fast-cutting abrasive disc is ideal for a range of jobs including paint removal and feather-edging removal and featheredging

Filler, Metal, Paint, Plastic

Automotive, Aviation, High Speed Rail, Yacht, Composite