Treeing supplies a series of products to assembly plants and Automotive aftermarket.

Our products and accessories are used in grinding, finishing, sanding and polishing applications on materials such as metal, plastic, body filler, paint, clear coats.


As one of the metal surface finishing suppliers, Treeing maintains close communication with our partners in the following segments:  metalware, tool making, casting and forging, rolling mills, precision engineering and watch industry.

Our partners and customers benefit from the expertise of our application engineers and polishing specialists, as well as their tips and advice.

In addition, we collected advice from professionals in the field and incorporated it into the development of abrasive products and surface systems.

Treeing diamond abrasives, 3D structured abrasives, cerium oxide powder enter the glass market, including mobile phone screen, automotive glass, architectural glass, furniture glass, decorative glass and many technical glass components.


Treeing products bring quality, productivity and innovation to our partners and customers.


Treeing supplies the highest quality diamond powder and compound in China.  

Our diamond compound has a wide range of applications: for polishing ferrous, ceramics, steels, sapphire, non-metallic materials, carbide composites and silicon etc. It's supplied in syringes, jars, buckets.